Rutland Childcare Survey for Parents, Employers and Childcare Providers

23 February 2023

The 2023 Childcare Sufficiency Assessment (CSA)is now live, please share the consultation link and encourage participation with families and Rutland businesses with whom you have a connection.

Here is the information from Rutland County Council:

The annual Childcare Sufficiency Assessment plays an extremely important role in providing Rutland County Council with vital information about childcare availability, accessibility and affordability.  We are committed to ensuring there is sufficient childcare across the county which supports families in accessing their full entitlement to early education and childcare.

The aim of the Rutland CSA is to have an accurate understanding of the current childcare market gathered through parental and carer views, including their experiences of accessing childcare and use of available financial entitlements such as Tax Free Childcare.  In addition, engagement with Rutland businesses will provide us with information on how sufficiency of childcare places impacts the recruitment and retention of a workforce.  We encourage all parents, carers and businesses to respond to the survey so that the information gathered represents Rutland as a whole. This information will then be used to plan for and respond more effectively to the areas of identified need.

The consultation is open for 4 weeks and closes Friday 10th March 2023. Here is the link: