Finance Trustee

The Finance Trustee will be responsible for:

  • Guiding and advising the board in the approval of budgets, accounts and financial statements, within a relevant financial policy framework
  • Keeping the board informed about its financial duties and responsibilities
  • Advising on the financial implications of the bureau's strategic plans and key assumptions in the operational plan and annual budget
  • Ensuring that all board members have a clear understanding of the accounts presented at meetings and the implications that they reveal
  • Understanding the accounting procedures and key internal controls to be able to assure the board that the charity's financial integrity is sound
  • Ensuring that a realistic budget is produced which meets all the bureau's needs and that there is an appropriate reserves policy
  • Monitoring the bureau's income and expenditure position, and presenting reports to the board at least quarterly, in a format accessible to the board members
  • Ensuring that full financial records are kept for all transactions, and that proper financial procedures and controls are in place to safeguard the bureau's resources
  • Ensuring that money received is only spent on the purposes for which it was given, and, where required, ensuring that reports and accounts demonstrating this are submitted to funders
  • Ensuring that accounts are prepared at year-end in compliance with the SORP Accounting for Charities and making arrangements for them to be audited or independently examined, as required by the Charity Commission
  • Ensuring that annual accounts are submitted to the Charity Commission and/or Registrar of Companies, within the deadlines set
  • Presenting the accounts at the AGM and drawing attention to important points in a coherent and understandable way
  • Liaising with the bureau chief officer about financial matters
  • Playing a key role in planning a clear fundraising strategy to raise money for future activities and developments
  • Chairing any finance committee, and reporting back to the full board.


  • Financial qualifications or experience
  • Some experience or knowledge of charity finance, fundraising and pension schemes
  • The skills to analyse proposals and examine their financial consequences
  • Preparedness to make unpopular recommendations to the board
  • Willingness to be available to staff to provide advice and guidance on financial matters.

Each individual member of the trustee board brings skills and qualities to the board. They add to the collective knowledge and experience by providing the following.

1. Commitment and availability to attend bureau trustee board meetings

2. Effective communication skills and willingness to participate actively in discussion

3. Willingness to gain knowledge of local needs and resources

4. Commitment to the aims, principles and policies of the Citizens Advice (CA) service, including those relating to equal opportunities, independence and social policy

5. Willingness and ability to act in the best interests of the bureau

6. Ability to understand and accept their responsibilities and liabilities as trustees and employers

7. Willingness to participate in democratic process which develops CA policies by area and nationally

8. Numeracy to the extent required to understand CA accounts with the support of a treasurer

9. Willingness and ability to learn, and to develop and examine their own attitudes

10. Ability to think creatively and strategically, and exercise good, independent judgement

11. Ability to work effectively as a member of a team. 


  • Age restrictions
  • DBS check required
  • Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Expenses reimbursed
  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Ongoing support
  • Training provided
  • Volunteer induction
  • Volunteer Policy
  • Volunteers covered by insurance
  • Written role description

When can I volunteer?

Availability Details

You will be available to prepare for, attend and fully participate at Board Meetings. You will also work with the Finance Officer to prepare budget and accounts.


This opportunity can be carried out whilst working from home.

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